Users around the world

Users around the world

This info graphic shows the highest and lowest proportion of social network users across the EU in 2012. The result shows that Netherlands has the highest users at 65% and the lowest is Romania at 22%. However, in the bottom right of the picture, it shows the access to social network via smartphone. The result show that Sweden has the highest number of users through smartphone followed by UK. From this info graphic, we can conclude that social network plays a very important role in our society, and it is also a very important tool to communicate with others, but people should be aware because social network also has its disadvantages.

ps: for more information about the disadvantages of social network, please check out our post. We’ve posted a video about this problem.

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Social Network sites

Social Network sites

Social network is a tool that people use to communicate, public ideas, photo sharing and many more. Nowadays, people spend most of their time checking their social network sites. There are several common social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My space and others. Social network sites are categories into few groups. For example, if the users want to look for videos, they usually visit Youtube, which is the most common site that people access. Moreover, today people can download social network apps which allow them to check through their smartphone. So, how many have you used? 🙂

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